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18th September 2004

fauveblade10:41am: Another prompt from moi.

"I feel so far from where I've been."

25th August 2004

fauveblade6:21pm: replying to my own prompt...
"feels like home"

I breath in as I stand at your door. I want to run away. I want to scream. I want to cry. I want to leave again and never come back.

I push my glasses back up my nose and ring the bell.

I look down at my shoes, hoping you're not home. Stupid thrift store converse. "Nice shoes," you said. I blushed. Bullshit.

The door opens and I look up, there you are again. No shirt, no shoes, no service. Sorry. I want to run back to my car and drive away fast.

"It's been awhile since you've been around," you say softly, your fingers playing with the curls at the nape of your neck. Your nervous little habbit.


We stand in silence, both of us looking at our feet now.

Do something, I think at you. Say something. Sweep me off my feet. Make me stay I don't want to go away again.

I look up at you, you look down at me. Blue eyed boy meets a brown eyed girl.

"Dare you to move," you whisper.

The corner of your mouth twists, and I can feel it.

Feels like home.

24th August 2004

torn_rag_doll10:55am: It feels like home
It feels like home
when the world stops spinning
and the clock doesn't tick so loudly
the chimes are fluent
in that oh so condescending way
it feels like home
when the memories don't intrude my heart
Current Mood: bitchy

23rd August 2004

fauveblade7:43pm: How's this for a prompt - "feels like home"

15th July 2004

anon_9912:39am: Because it's mine
Whoo, an advertisement! My first rating community application says to promote, so here goes:

Join fuckingxcute_!

Um, yeah. They're terribly blunt and I love it. XD
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3rd July 2004

torn_rag_doll1:59pm: Rachel, I hope you dont mind...
I am just trying to get more people to join, and since I advertise your communities, I didnt think you would mind, but if you want me to delete this entry, I will.

Asphalt Flowers

Its for writing, please join.

25th May 2004

torn_rag_doll4:59pm: good bye
I feel like I have to say good bye, to all of those who care. You once hurt me, dear love. But now you are gone into her arms. Thats quite alright, I don't mind. You never thought I was just enough, not at all. Thats Ok, I don't mind, I'll just go find her At least she'll hold me close.

sorry, just had to post that.
Current Mood: creative

21st May 2004

torn_rag_doll10:02am: ok, ill do my own challenge

As the rain falls down
and my tears turn to ice
the gentle hands kiss them away
and turn my head to the sky
soft sighs of love
find my ears that have been left alone too long

ok, so theres a start, ill write more later.

12th May 2004

torn_rag_doll4:35pm: challenge
heres a challenge....

Define beauty...pure...ideal beauty.
torn_rag_doll4:32pm: Its that feeling I get when I say I love you
the sick twisting of how you distorted my beauty
that fake smile of how you promised you were true
its the feeling I get when I remember you

11th May 2004

anon_999:44pm: it's that feeling I get when...
It's that feeling I get when the cold
Reaches inside my bones
It's that feeling I get when the pills
Don't go down right
It's that feeling I get when silence
Fills stagnant air
It's that feeling I get when laughter
Rips through my heart

It's that feeling I get when
You look at me


Bitter, yes...but that's not quite me.
Current Mood: uncomfortable
anon_999:32pm: My prompt for today:

it's that feeling I get when...

Use this however you'd like. I really do like to give lots of freedom with these. ^^;

And remember that anyone can post prompts/challenges, not just me. Feel free to lay your own frames.
Current Mood: indescribable
fauveblade2:36pm: I could have stood there forever

. . .

I could have stood there forever. Waiting on my front porch in your arms, looking up at the sky.

I lean my head against your chest. I can hear your heart beat.

“I could name you all the stars in the sky,” I whisper into you shirt. “One for every emotion.”

I look up at the sky again. “Love, greed, pain, beauty…”

“Desire.” You whisper to the sky.
Current Mood: calm
torn_rag_doll6:46am: I could have stood there forever
watching you tear down the world
the sacrafice of my tainted tears didn't seem enough
my wings were bound and broken, the whip lashes across my back
timid and demure like a house pet, I sat waiting for the end
I could have stood there forever
waiting for you to end my life
to draw the blood to the surface
red and warm with my soul, to pure for your love
I could have stood there forever
I could have loved you forever
but you didn't want me
didnt want me

hows that?
Current Mood: tired of being tired

10th May 2004

anon_991:59am: I'm tired, so I made a community. I hope someone finds this place intriguing enough to join in the festivities. So, first post, first challenge.

"I could have stood there forever"

Incorporate this line or theme into a piece of writing. Use any form you'd like.
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